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The Fales Library and Special Collections at NYU is home to the David Wojnarowicz archive, and also hosts this website. However, there are many other significant collections that relate to Wojnarowicz's work and life. Below is a listing of some of them. We hope to build out this section of the website with more information over the coming months.

The Fales Finding Aid

David Wojnarowicz was a painter, writer, photographer, filmmaker, performer, and activist. He made super-8 films, created the photographic series "Arthur Rimbaud in New York", performed in the band Three Teens Kill 4 - No Motive, and exhibited his work in well known East Village galleries. In 1985, he was included in the Whitney Biennial, the so-called "Graffiti Show". He died of AIDS on July 22, 1992. The David Wojnarowicz Papers includes journals, correspondence, manuscripts, photography, film, video and audio works, source and production materials, objects, and ephemera. The papers were acquired by the Fales Library at NYU in 1997. Here is the finding aid for the papers.

Fales Finding Aid

Exit Art Archive

Fales Collection--Public Art Fund Archive

Museum of Modern Art archives

Whitney archives

University Galleries at Illinois State University archives

PPOW archive