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Submissions to the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base

The developers and managers of the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base welcome entries from outside researchers. Our aim is to continue to add content and modify the structure as more researchers find the site and see value in contributing to it. If you are a student, professor, or independent researcher and would like to develop new content for the Knowledge Base, we welcome your contributions. We have developed a short list of possible projects, which are listed below, but we are also open to suggestions.

  • Location Research - Many locations feature prominently in Wojnarowicz's artwork and biographical history, and we would welcome further explorations into these spaces. In particular, we are interested in projects that examine the East Village, NYC; Paris, France; Mexico City, Mexico; New Jersey; and Normal, Illinois. We are also interested in research looking at specific locations and their relevance to Wojnarowicz, such as the Ward Line Pier or various galleries in which he exhibited.
  • Case Studies on Individual Works - Wojnarowicz's work is densely layered with meaning, imagery, and text, and careful analyses of individual pieces of his art offer fascinating insight into his process, thinking, life, and vision. We have developed a few on this site already, including ones on The Magic Box, One Day This Kid, and A Fire In My Belly. We are open to case studies on any of his works, but are particularly interested in the Flower Series, the Sex Series, Science Lesson, and Rimbaud in New York.
  • Interviews - We have developed an archive of interviews with Wojnarowicz's collaborators, gallerists, and friends; however, we are always looking to expand out holdings. We have a list of people we are particularly interested in having interviewed, but we are also open to suggestions of other individuals.
  • Profiles of Other Archives - While the Fales Library and Special Collections holds Wojnarowicz's papers, there are also other significant collections of his work and ephemera. We are looking to build out the descriptions of these collections. A short list of some of the collections we are interested in is contained in our list of external resources.

If you would like to take on one of these projects, or if you have another idea in mind, please contact the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base Manager at We welcome your input.