Bressler, Doug

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Bressler is an artist and musician. Along with Wojnarowicz, Bressler was a member of the band 3 Teens Kill 4, in which he was one of the few actual trained musicians (Bressler played guitar). Bressler provided soundtracks for a few of Wojnarowicz's installations, including the Mnuchin Installation, a site-specific piece that Wojnarowicz created in the basement of Robert and Adriana Mnuchin's New York City home. Bressler is also credited on the Mexico soundtrack, which may have been created to accompany A Fire in My Belly.


Interviewed for Carr, Fire in the Belly, 2012
Participated in "David Wojnarowicz: Motion Rhythms," Panel Discussion, Electronic Arts Intermix, December 13, 2012

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