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Rather creating sculpture in the traditional sense, we can say that Wojnarowicz had an “object practice.” For Wojnarowicz, objects could be very charged, and he and his friends regularly used found objects in their work and collected them wherever they went. Sometimes these objects would make their way into an installation or film. Some of them he kept for himself, as private inspiration. He would manipulate some objects by painting them, collaging over them, affixing them to other items, or he would leave them as is. Some items, like papier-mache masks and plaster heads discussed on the pages below, he created entirely himself. Items that could fall under Wojnarowics’s “object practice” range from driftwood totems, plaster heads, skeletons, mannequins, or other props papered over with maps, toys, debris, and natural artifacts. It is often difficult to divide these into the categories laid out in the sections below—to designate a work as a finished sculpture and another as an “object.” We decided to designate as “sculpture” objects that were exhibited or photographed as individual works. There are frequent overlaps amongst the works mentioned in the linked pages below, which are interconnected via hyperlinks.

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