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P.S. 1, Long Island City, NY


In October 1982, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center put on an exhibition titled Beast: Animal Imagery in Recent Painting (October 17–December 12, 1982). Wojnarowicz was resentful that he was not included in the exhibition, and decided to protest the establishment politics on display in the artist list. He did so by releasing live cockroaches affixed with cotton tails and paper ears, which he called “cockabunnies,” into the exhibition on the opening night. According to Wojnarowicz’s own retelling, there were hundreds of “cockabunnies”, but Carr reports that it was around thirty. He created these cockabunnies that morning at the apartment of Tommy Turner. Peter Hujar accompanied him to the opening. [1]


Peter Hujar
Hujar was Wojnarowicz's closest friend and mentor. He died of complications related to AIDS in 1987.

Tommy Turner
Turner is an aritst, filmmaker, and frequent collaborator with Wojnarowicz.

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