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Hunger, with Julie Hair
Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, NY


According to Wojnarowicz’s telling, in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, he and Hair deposited two hundred pounds of bloody cow bones in the stairwell of Leo Castelli Gallery, then located at 420 West Broadway. They also spray-painted stencils along the wall; Wojnarowicz recalled images of an empty plate, fork and knife, a bomber plane, burning house, and recoiling figure [1], while Hair remembers only the knife and fork. Carr writes, “They littered the bones down the staircase—which wasn’t used all that much. Most people took the elevator, so few people would have laid eyes on the installation. And they never heard from the gallery.” [2] Nonetheless, this work became mythologized, with people recalling blood dripping down the staircase (which would not have been possible with the shrink-wrapped bones).


Julie Hair Hair is a friend and collaborator of Wojnarowicz's. She also played percussion in 3 Teens Kill 4.

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