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Wojnarowicz worked on many site-specific paintings, often in collaboration with other artists. Some of these were illegal, un-commissioned pieces (like those at the Ward Line Pier on the Hudson River), while others were formally commissioned by galleries. These installations evolved organically, with each artist laying down their own imagery or adding to each other’s without a coordinated plan. Beginning with The Nuclear Family installation in 1985 (organized by Carlo McCormick), Wojnarowicz worked on a series of site-specific paintings with a group of artists who dubbed themselves "The Wrecking Crew." The Wrecking Crew consisted of Keiko Bonk, Luis Frangella, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Christof Kohlhofer, Marilyn Minter, James Romberger, Marguerite Van Cook, and David West.

Conservation and display

These site-specific painting installations were meant to be temporary. The paintings at the piers were demolished within the year, and the gallery exhibitions were up for weeks before being painted over. They have not been recreated.

Selected works

Hudson River Piers (Ward Line Pier Project at Pier 34 and 28), 1983

The Nuclear Family, Ground Zero, New York, and East Village Meets East Broad Street, Neopolitan Gallery, Richmond, VA, 1985


Keiko Bonk
Bonk is a fashion designer, artist, musician, and politician who resides in Hawaii.

Luis Frangella
Frangella (1944-1990) was an Argentinian painter and sculptor, and good friend of Wojnarowicz.

Christof Kolhofer
Kolhofer is a German painter, photographer and filmmaker.

Carlo McCormick
McCormick is a cultural critic and curator, and friend of Wojnarowicz.

Marilyn Minter
Minter is a painter, photography, and filmmaker.

James Romberger
Romberger is an artist and writer. With Marguerite Van Cook, Romberger ran Ground Zero Gallery, which showed Wojnarowicz's work.

David West
West is an artist who also showed at Gracie Mansion Gallery.

Marguerite Van Cook
Van Cook is an artist and writer. With James Romberger, Van Cook ran Ground Zero Gallery, which showed Wojnarowicz's work.