Interview with Wendy Olsoff by Diana Kamin on 7-9-2016

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With Penny Pilkington, Wendy Olsoff founded PPOW Gallery in 1983, which began representing Wojnarowicz in 1988. The gallery currently represents the Estate.

Interview abstract Discusses the decision to start working with Wojnarowicz and the context of the gallery scene at that time (p. 1-3; 00:00-07:55min); describes installing exhibitions with Wojnarowicz in which he would bring work in last minute, with clear plans about how to install it (p. 3-4, 7-8; 07:55-10:05min, 17:50-19:08min); mentions Wojnarowicz typing out the exhibition catalogue for the 1989 installation In The Shadow of Forward Motion (p. 4, 10:05-11:25min); discusses how Wojnarowicz designed frames with Stefan Petrik (p. 4-5, 11:30-12:10min); mentions Wojnarowicz’s use of the gallery’s fax machine, work with Gary Schneider, and how gallery preparator Robert Ransick would courier money and supplies to Wojnarowicz (p. 5-6; 12:10-15:12min); discusses the lack of photographic documentation at the time (p. 6-7; 15:55-16:48min); explains reconstruction of 1985's installation from Mnuchin basement at 2016 Frieze New York and possibility of recreating America: Heads of Family/Heads of State (p. 8-9, 11-12; 19:10-23:15min; 28:40-31:26min); discusses the display of archival material (p. 9-10; 24:10-27:40min); insists that Wojnarowicz was primarily concerned with politics and survival rather than the art world system or details about conservation (p. 11; 27:40-28:20); discusses framing (p. 14; 35:10-36:10min); discusses context of showing political work during the AIDS crisis, and the importance of political and intellectual context rather than formal considerations when showing Wojnarowicz’s work now (p. 16-17; 40:45-46:25min)

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