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Gracie Mansion (the adopted moniker of Joanne Mayhew-Young) is a gallerist who showed Wojnarowicz's work at Gracie Mansion Gallery between 1982 and 1987. It was at her gallery that Wojnarowicz first began to address his violent childhood in his work, with his 1984 installation Burning Child. She also facilitated the Mnuchin Installation, which Wojnarowicz did in the basement of the home of art collectors Robert and Adriana Mnuchin in 1985. In 1986, Mansion put up Peter Hujar's final show before his death.


Interviewed for Carr, Fire in the Belly, 2012
Flyers and other ephemera from Gracie Mansion Gallery can be found in the Fales Library in the Mark Bloch Postal Art Network (PAN) Archive, Bern Boyle Papers, Downtown Flyers and Invitations, Richard Hell Papers, Ron Kolm Papers, and reviews can be found in the David Wojnarowicz Papers, Series VI, Subseries C Gracie Mansion Gallery records, 1972-1991, Archives of American Art

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