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Though friends often described Wojnarowicz as shy in person, he was an intense performer. He incorporated performance into much of the work he did throughout his career, from the action installations with Julie Hair to installations that incorporated theatrical settings like Installation 8.

Additionally, in his early twenties Wojnarowicz wrote, published, and performed poetry, socializing with a group of young poets in New York and New Jersey including John Ensslin. Cynthia Carr has noted that he assiduously erased this part of his history from his autobiography later in life[1], but reading his writing aloud continued to be part of his practice, particularly in the late 1980s in activist settings.

He also performed in the art band 3 Teens Kill 4 in the early 1980s, and in 1989 he spent much of the year conceiving and planning an ambitious multimedia performance with musician Ben Neill, titled ITSOFOMO.

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